My favorite food spots in Eindhoven

Eindhoven has been a bit behind foodwise. For years there were little healthy hotspots to be found. Luckily things are changing! Below I’ve listed my favorite healthy hotspots in Eindhoven. All the restaurants listed on this page have good vegetarian or vegan options. So if you’re looking for a good spot to have breakfast, lunch or dinner in Eindhoven: this is your guide.
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Intelligentia ICE

Intelligentia ICE is a unique ice cream parlor in the Strijp-S area. Besides their ice cream shop with one-of-a-kind flavors, they also have a ‘wonderroom’ where they serve an Alice in Wonderland inspired Afternoon Tea. All the drinks and bites that are served at what the Dutch call a High Tea, are inspired by the characters and the story of Lewis Carroll.
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I already knew Cafe Thomas from years ago when I was studying in Eindhoven. Back then it was only a bar where you would go out in the weekends. In 2018 Thomas got a whole renovation. You might hardly recognize it when you see it now! The high walls from the 19th century building are painted pink and have beautiful graffiti works on them. Thomas is open from Tuesday to Sunday in the evenings for drinks and bites. Their menu is inspired by the Caribean, Latin America and Asia. They also serve a great high wine and high beer. Once a month they organize a very special High Tea event, where you get spoiled with loads of food.
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The Happiness Cafe
the happiness cafe eindhoven
The Happiness Cafe is a great name for this cafe, because it makes you very happy! It’s right across the street from Usine and serves all day breakfast, salads, sandwiches and homemade sweets. They have many vegetarian options and even a few gluten free and vegan options. Especially the latter is quite unique in Eindhoven where many cafes still serve the usual ‘meat, fish or cheese’. Just look at the delicious vegan sandwich with hummus, avocado and pumpkin they have! I can also recommend the vegan salad with tempeh and the homemade raw pastries. Looking for something sweet? Check the Happiness Bakery for a (vegan) high tea!

Bij Albrecht
bij albrecht vegetarisch veganistisch eindhoven
Bij Albrecht is run by a young couple; he’s an experienced chef and she’s a nutritionist specialized in natural food. They started By Albrecht with a mission to have a restaurant with a minimal footprint and to inspire a people for a  vegan lifestyle. They sure have inspired me! They have many delicious vegan dishes on the menu. They’re open for dinner and offer an exclusive plant based food experience!

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Jungle Cafe

Jungle Cafe is a 100% vegan breakfast and lunchroom in Eindhoven. They’ve got all kinds of delicious dishes like a scrambled tofu bowl, avocado toast with chili crunch or French toast. They’ve also got a small or big breakfast platter where you get a slice of avocado toast, a yogurt bowl, a juice and a mini cinnamon bun. 
Jungle Cafe is a perfect place to meet up with babies or kids. They’ve got a selfmade play corner of 2 stories high which looks a bit like an indoor tree house. They’re located a bit outside the city center, to the North West. But from the Strijp S train station it’s only a 10 minute walk. 

De Lichttoren

De Lichttoren (previously Usine) has a stunning interior and a perfect location. It’s just a few minutes walk from the Eindhoven train station, so it’s great if you’re meeting up with people arriving by train. They’re open for lunch, dinner and bites. They’ve got a varied menu with meat, fish and vegetarian options. Last time I was there I went for this vegetarian Aubergine Parmigiana, but they also have a great veggie burger and the plant-based steak from Redefine Meat.

De Karpendonkse Hoeve

Got something to celebrate or are you looking for a special night out? Michelin star restaurant De Karpendonkse Hoeve is the best place to go in Eindhoven. They’ve been having their Michelin star for 40 years, so you know that your lunch or dinner will be delicious!

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Onder de Leidingstraat
vegan sandwich onder de leidingstraat eindhovenOnder de Leidingstraat is a deli meets lunchroom meets take-out in the hippest area of Eindhoven Strijp-S. The old Philips factories are now being used as hip shops, creative spaces and new restaurants. My favorite is Onder de Leidingstraat. They serve breakfast all day (Gluten free granola! Vegan chia pudding!), have delicious salads and a wide range of sandwiches. They have two vegan sandwiches on the menu, including the homemade pumpkin spread and mushroom sandwich pictured above. They also have a small ‘supermercado’ where you can buy many healthy products from small independent brands.

Zwart Wit Koffie
vega sandwich zwart wit koffie eindhoven
Zwart Wit Koffie (Black White Coffee) is a great place for a good cup of coffee or tea. They also have a short but good food menu. Just a couple of items to choose from but two of them are vegetarian and they both taste really good. You’ve got a veggie breakfast with avocado, poached egg and cheese and a sourdough bread sandwich with roasted cauliflower, apple, pumpkin cream and balsamic. It’s around the corner from Bij Aalbrecht so it might be your favorite neighborhood!


You can find Loetje restaurants troughout the Netherlands, they’ve been well-known for years for their steak that you get with a lot of sauce and white bread. But as a vegetarian you can now also enjoy your meal at Loetje. They’ve got a plantbased steak on the menu! And the texture and taste is almost the same as animal-based meat. The vegan steak from Loetje, or the steak 0.0 as they call it, is made from New Meat from Redefine Meat. The steak is made with a 3D printer. That might sound a bit strange, but because of that it has the same texture as meat. It’s because it’s build up layer by layer. 
You can find Loetje Eindhoven in the Strijp-S area. 

De Pizzabakkers

Pizza and prosecco restaurant De Pizzabakkers started in Amsterdam years ago. There are 30 De Pizzabakkers restaurants in the Netherlands nowadays. At the end of 2023 the first one in Brabant opened up; at Stratumseind in Eindhoven. At De Pizzabakkers (The Pizza Bakers) they make their own artisan pizzas in an Italian wood-fired pizza oven. Because of how they prepare the dough, their pizzas have a thin and crispy crust. On the menu you’ll also find tasty Anti Pasti and classic Italian desserts like Panna Cotta and Tiramisu.

Plaza Jagershoef

Plaza Jagershoef is a ‘cafetaria’, so it’s a snackbar with a more extensive menu and several seats. Plaza Jagershoef is located a bit outside the city center, but it’s a great option if you’re in Eindhoven North or Woensel. They’re mostly known for their loaded fries, called ‘Royals’ at Plaza Jagershoef. This portion of fries is almost big enought to share with two people! They’ve got all kind of different versions. I went for the vegetarian version called ‘Beirut’ which is served with falafel. 

Falafel Masters
falafel masters eindhoven veganThere are probably quite a few places where you can get falafel in  Eindhoven, but there are a few reasons why I recommend this one in particular. First of all they have whole wheat pita bread. I think they’re so much tastier and healthier than white bread! Second of all the owner is super friendly. He makes you feel relaxed and takes good care of you. And last but not least: they have many vegan options! They even have several vegan desserts including a date-nut cake and vegan baklava.

Crazy Donuts

When I lived in New York, donuts were a very popular treat. Unfortunately the Dutch supermarket donuts are quite tasteless. But luckily Eindhoven now has a great food spots for your donut cravings: Crazy Donuts. They don’t sell any boring plain donuts at Crazy Donuts but they’re all beautifuly decorated and topped with all kinds of sweets. From Kinder surprise eggs to KitKat and from Ferrero Rocher to Brownies. 
PLEASE NOTE: Crazy Donuts is temporarily closed. 

Miss Paddle

Miss Paddle is a flammkuchen and local beer café in the city center of Eindhoven. You can enjoy flammkuchen for lunch and dinner here. They have all kinds of varieties of which 4 vegetarian and even 1 vegan flammkuchen. I’ve tasted almost all the vegetarian flammkuchen by now and I can tell you that they’re all delicious!

Anne & Max

Living room cafe Anne&Max has started in Haarlem and now has quite a few restaurants all over the Netherlands. At Anne&Max they serve fresh and homemade dishes with as many organic products as possible. Their sandwiches are made with organic sourdough bread and they get their cheese from an organic family-owned cheese farm in Kinderdijk.
Especially for the Anne&Max location in Eindhoven, Taarten van Janssen has created a vegan passionfruit cheesecake.
Click here to see more pictures of Anne&Max in Eindhoven. 


Restaurant Vane is located on the 13th floor of the NH collections hotel in the city centre of Eindhoven. Vane is lead by topchef Casimir Evens, who worked at 2 Michelin star restaurant Pastorale in Belgium. The views during dinner are amazing when the sky is dark and the city is beautifully lit. Pictured is a vegetarian starter that I enjoyed; it’s homemade atjar served with avocado cream and wasabi. Read all about Vane and the NH collections hotel Eindhoven city centre on this page.

De Kazerne

The Kazerne is a restaurant meets exhibition space. They started with a pop-up restaurant with exhibition during the Dutch Design week a few years ago. It was such a success that in 2014 they opened restaurant De Kazerne.
The building used to be a garage for garbage trucks and it still has a rough touch to it. The interior is beautiful with grey walls, black furniture and bright green plants. Master chef Carlos Blankers (former chef of Graham’s Kitchen in Amsterdam) develops new dishes every two weeks. He always works with seasonal products and there are always great vegetarian options as well.

Downtown Gourmet Market

The Downtown Gourmet Market is one of the most popular food spots in Eindhoven. At this (mostly) indoor food hall there are several stands where you can order your food and you can sit down and enjoy it at one of the many tables in the middle part.
I’ve listed all the vegetarian options at the Downtown Gourmet Market on this page.

Sugo Pizza

You don’t get round pizza’s at Sugo, but Pizza al Taglio, a rectangular shaped pizza of which you’ll get a (also rectangular shaped) slice. They cut the slices of with scissors when you order them. When you’ve picked your favorite flavors they warm them up for you in their ovens. What I like about Sugo Pizza, and what makes them different than other pizzeria’s, is that they have many vegetarian and several kinds of vegan pizza’s.
Click here to read more about Sugo Pizza. 

Pand P

Pand P is a creative premises formally known as Plaza Futura. The restaurant area is open for lunch and dinner and is very convenient when you’re going to see a show at the Parktheater as it’s within walking distance. They have several good vegetarian options on the menu like a spinach ricotta tortellini or the vegetarian mushroom burger pictured above.
The cheesecake dessert is delicious (but quite filling, so if you’re not a big eater you might want to share it).

Street Food

I have to admit that the main reason that Street Food is on this list, is because of these ‘Monster Shakes’. They’re a combination of a milkshake and a freakshake. I mean, look at how heavenly this one looks? It’s the Kinder Bueno Oreo monster shake. You can find Street Food in the center of Eindhoven. 


Chidoz is a Mexican restaurant in the Netherlands. Besides Eindhoven, you can also find them in Nijmegen, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Haarlem, Den Bosch and Breda. They serve delicious burrito’s and other Mexican inspired dishes like nacho’s, taco’s and burrito bowls. They’ve got plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. Here you see their vegan burrito with black rice, sweet potato, grilled vegetables and guacamole. You can order your dishes of Chidoz online here. 

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