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On this page I’m sharing my review of restaurant L’Osteria in Den Haag (The Hague). L’Osteria is an Italian restaurant located in the city center of The Hague. L’Osteria is a restaurant chain with restaurants all over Europe. It started in Germany in 1999 and now they also have restaurants in France, Luxemburg, Switserland, Czech Republic, Austria, the United Kingdom and two in the Netherlands. In 2018 L’Osteria opened up in Amsterdam and in 2020 in The Hague.

Location L’Osteria Den Haag

You can find L’Osteria Den Haag right in the city center of The Hague, at the Grote Markt opposite the Haagse Harry statue. The building used to house a Kijkshop but, luckily, it underwent a big transformation. The restaurant is very spacious with high ceilings and 3 floors. The wooden floor gives the restaurant a warm appearance. In the middle of the restaurant you’ll find the bar with a huge liqueur collection. One side of the restaurant has a mint green wall with a living-room feel and views of the open kitchen. On the other side you’ll find this pink wall with stylish pink sofa.
On the first floor there are more seats and in the basement there’s a special kids play area.
Fun fact: in the toilets you get free Italian lessons! On the speakers you’ll hear one of the lessons about ordering and eating in a restaurant.

Menu L’Osteria

On the menu of L’Osteria you find all kinds of Italian dishes. Just like the Italians do, you can start with ‘antipasti’. Antipasti are starters, like bruschetta with tomatoes. Pictured above you see an Antipasti plate with several kinds of antipasti and mozzarella.

They also have several Italian pasta’s on the menu at L’Osteria Den Haag. Here you see their Orecchiette di Manzo al Limone, orecchiette pasta with mascarpone-lemon sauce, onion, garlic and rocket. On the background you see their Panzerotti Spinaci, a stuffed pasta filled with spinach and ricotta sprinkled with a creamy sauce. They also have all kinds of spaghetti dishes and a delicious risotto.

The pizza’s at L’Osteria Den Haag are worth a special mention. They’re super tasty because of their tin crust but they’re also famous for their size. Please be aware that when you order a pizza it’s more than enough for one person. Luckily you can ask for a doggy bag and take the left-overs home with you.
I really recommend that you try the pizza’s at L’Osteria, even a simple Pizza Caprese is already super tasty. They make the tomato sauce from scratch and they serve it with grated mozzarella and thick slices of fresh buffalo mozzarella on top.

And make sure to leave some room for dessert or ‘dolci’ as the Italians call it. I went for the classic Italian dessert tiramisu made with sweet mascarpone creme, espresso and coffee liqueur. But they also have Fruttini, it’s frozen fruit filled with sorbet ice cream.

Visit L’Osteria Den Haag

Restaurant L’Osteria in The Hague is open seven days a week from noon to 10pm. Click here to reserve your table at L’Osteria Den Haag. You can also have your meal delivered at your door, you can order via their website.

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