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Locals is a coffee bar and lunch room in Tilburg. You can find them in the city center and they’re a great spot for a freshly brew cup of coffee, a homemade piece of cake or a good lunch. As I already loved Locals before I started this website, I never wrote a blog post about them. I mainly write posts about food spots that I just discovered (the same happened with coffee café Buutvrij).
People that have been following me for a while probably did see coffee bar and lunch room Locals on my page or social media accounts. I have listed them as one of my favorite food spots in Tilburg since the start of my website and I visited Locals with the food bloggers I invited for my first blogger tour in Tilburg in 2017.

Locals roasts their own coffee in the middle of the café. When they’re roasting the coffee beans, a delicious scent fills up the coffee bar. You can of course order this coffee when you’re sitting down at one of their tables inside or outside, but you can also buy a bag for at home. They always have several home-made cakes or pies that will taste great with your freshly roasted coffee.

As I’m more a tea person, the coffee is not my favorite part of Locals: their lunch menu is. They have a modern lunch menu with classics and some original dishes. Healthy options are possible, but they also have several things to satisfy your sweet tooth.
Their sandwiches and wraps are great for lunch and their smoothie bowls make a good breakfast or brunch. I personally love their peanut butter banana smoothie bowl served with granola and blueberries.

They love to work with local products at Locals in Tilburg and they have an interesting version of a high tea: a Slow Tea! You’re encouraged to slow down and spend quality time with your friends or family while you enjoy their savory and sweet bites and fresh leaf tea.

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