The Best Food Spots in Amman, Jordan

On this page I’m sharing the best food spots in Amman, Jordan. I’m telling you all about the best restaurants, the best ice cream shop, the best falafel, and more in the capital city of Jordan. One of the main reasons I wanted to travel to Jordan was because I love the food so much, so it was my pleasure to do the research for the best food spots in Amman.

Best restaurant in Amman: Sufra

Sufra is often called the best restaurant of Amman by locals. It’s on the list of 50 best restaurants in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa). The location of Sufra is already a reason to visit the restaurant. It’s located in a 20th century villa in the popular area of Rainbow Street. You can order from the menu, but it’s even better to let the chefs surprise you with all kinds of dishes from the chef. You’ll start with different mezze like hummus, Mouttabel (similar to baba ganoush) and Muhammara. And after that they’ll put several main dishes on your table to share. And I’m sure you’ll make some room for the dessert!

Best Arabic Ice cream in Amman: Bekdash

Did you ever have Arabic ice cream? Arabic ice cream, often called Booza, is also a frozen dairy dessert but it has more of a gummy texture. Bekdash used to be located at the central square of Damascus, Syria but since the war they moved to Amman in Jordan. Watching the staff of Bekdash make the Arabic ice cream is a true show. You see them pounding the ice cream with big pestle in a rhythmic movement. They have all kinds of flavors, but if you want the true Arabic experience you order the Booza!

Best Knafeh in Amman: Habibah

You can find the best Knafeh from Amman, Jordan at Habibah. Habibah Sweets has been in Amman since 1951. Two brothers with the last name Habibah started a small, humble shop down town. Today they’ve got multiple shops that sell all kinds of sweets. I recommend their Knafeh. Knafeh is an Arabic dessert made from spun pastry (called Kataifi) that’s soaked in a super sweet sugar-based syrup. It’s typically layered with cheese and topped with pistachio. There’s a big line every day at the Habibah location at the Marwan Madi Complex for their Knafeh.

Best Falafal in Amman: Falafel Al Quds

If you’ve never tasted falafel in the Middle East, you don’t really know how falafel tastes. Falafel in Europe or the States can be quite dry. But falafel in the Middle East is so much more tasty and crispy. Especially if you get your falafel at a good place. In Amman, one of the best spots to try falafel is Al Quds. Even the king went there to eat their falafel!

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Best Food Market in Amman: Souq Al-Sukar

I love going to local markets when I’m traveling. In Amman you can visit the Souq Al-Sukar. It’s a big fruit and vegetable market in down town Amman. It covers a big area of small, covered alleys with stalls and small shops selling all kinds of fruits, vegetables, spices and other food products.

Must visit street in Amman: Rainbow Street

Amman is a big city and there’s a lot to see and do, and many streets with restaurants. But a must-visit street in Amman is Rainbow Street. The street got this nickname because of the many colorful decorations. You can find many restaurants in this area, so there’s something for everyone.

Best Art Cafe in Amman: Salam Kanaan Gallery

Looking for a nice cafe to get a cup of coffee, tea or one of the best milkshakes you’ve ever had? Then Salam Kanaan Gallery is the place to be. This cosy cafe with colorful walls, vintage furniture and many paintings is a great place to unwind.

Best restaurant near Amman: Haret Jdoudna

Restaurant Haret Jdoudna isn’t located in Amman but in Madaba. Madaba is a small town just South of Amman, and close to the airport. I really recommend a visit to Madaba on your way to or from the airport. It’s nicknamed ‘the city of mosaics’ and the mosaic map in St George’s Church alone is reason enough to visit Madaba. Around the corner of this well preserved, sixth century mosaic, you’ll find restaurant Haret Jdoudna. It’s located in a 20th century house with a lovely courtyard, and you’ll feel right at home there. Just like almost everywhere in Amman, I’d recommend that you start with some mezze to share (the Makdoush is amazing) and then go for something from the charcoal grill.

Other noteworthy restaurants in Jordan

Not located in Amman, but there are 2 more restaurants that are really must-visits when you’re in Jordan, so I’ve included them on this page.

Artemis Restaurant, Jerash

Jerash, formerly known as Gerasa, is one of the best-preserved ancient Greek-Roman cities. You can find the city of Jerash a short drive North of Amman. If you ask me, the best restaurant in Jerash is Artemis Restaurant. From their balcony you’ve got beautiful views over Jerash and its surroundings. You can choose your mezze and main dishes buffet style. I advise you to come slightly early to avoid the busses with tourists. And you can’t leave Artemis without tasting their freshly baked bread.

Basin Restaurant, Petra

Did you know that there’s a restaurant inside Petra? Petra, the most famous sight in Jordan, is more than just the ‘Treasury’ that you always see on pictures. There’s a lot more to discover in this ancient city. And in the middle of it you can find the Basin Restaurant. Here you can enjoy lunch in the shade of the canopies with views of the Petra mountains.

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