Auberge du Bonheur in Tilburg reopened as La Nouvelle Auberge

One of the best restaurants of Tilburg ‘Auberge du Bonheur’ as just reopened after a restyling and is now named: La Nouvelle Auberge. Whenever we would drive by Auberge du Bonheur when I was a kid, I said that when I would be an adult I wanted to have dinner there. Anyone who has ever driven past it must understand what I mean. Auberge du Bonheur is located in a beautiful old building with a enormous lawn with a fountain in front of it.
Last year I went there for the first time to celebrate me and my boyfriends 3 year anniversary.
Auberge du Bonheur has been one of the best restaurants in Tilburg ever since it opened up over 30 years ago. We absolutely enjoyed our dinner there but to be honest we also thought it was a bit old-fashioned. It was a great place to have a luxury dinner when you have something to celebrate but it wouldn’t be something we would go to with friends or recommend it to them.

But that all changed now! Auberge du Bonheur has been completely restyled. The new look is natural chic. The combination of luxury materials with botanic colors gives a warm and positive feel. With a warm dark green as the main color it has both a luxurious as a natural look. And even though you’ll still have the feel of eating in one of Tilburg’s best restaurants, it’s now also a place where I would go for a dinner with friends. This is also because the waiters have a new look, note their fancy white sneakers when you go there! Speaking of the waiters; the staff at Auberge is very friendly and makes you feel right at home.

The restaurant also has a new name: La Nouvelle Auberge. Besides the look and the name, the menu has also changed. They went back to the essence of food and cooking. It results in pure and seasonal dishes. They often use products from their own herb garden or from the surrounding forest. The also think well about the colors on the plate, making it a feast for the eye and also very Instagram worthy! Look at this vegetarian starter with carrot, harissa and feta for example. Aren’t the colors beautiful?

You can choose for the successful Surprising Seven menu, a seven-course dinner with matching wines that has been sold over 7,000 times. New is the La Nouvelle Auberge menu which you can have from 3 up to 6 courses. This is the signature menu of chef Ralph Blaakenburg and sommelier Bart Verbunt.
It’s no problem if you have an allergy or are a vegetarian like myself. The kitchen staff prepares wonderful dishes for you that aren’t only delicious but also very beautiful. For me they made this vegetarian risotto with nettle and pecorino cheese for example when the other guests had a dish with ray and tomatoes.

With this new look Auberge Du Bonheur, or I should say La Nouvelle Auberge, has put itself back on the map also for my generation. If you haven’t been there yet; I absolutely recommend you to go there, I’ll guarantee you’ll have a wonderful evening.
You can reserve a table at La Nouvelle Auberge here.

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