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I’ve been living in Tilburg for years. As a vegetarian who likes to go out to eat, I know all the good vegetarian restaurants in Tilburg now.
All restaurants that I like in Tilburg have good vegetarian options, but on this page I’m highlighting the restaurants in Tilburg with the best vegetarian dishes. Not all restaurants are completely vegetarian, but all food spots on this page have good vegetarian dishes on their menu. All these vegetarian restaurants are close to the central station in Tilburg.

Vega(n) Worstenbrood

If you’re in Brabant, there’s one thing everyone knows: worstenbrood. This traditional dish from this area is a sausage roll. But did you know that there’s a great vegetarian version too? You can get it at the Theo Pastoor Bakery. There are two Theo Pastoor shops in Tilburg, one is at the Sint Josephstraat and one is right in the city center, at the corner of the Heuvelstraat and the Nieuwlandstraat. The ‘vegetarische worstenbroodjes’ are kept frozen, so you can buy them for at home. But they can also warm them up for you in the store.

The worstenbroodjes at Theo Pastoor are vegetarian, not vegan. If you want vegan worstenbroodjes in Tilburg you’ll have to go a bit out of the city center to one of the Van Iersel bakeries.

Focus Foodbar

Focus Foodbar is a 100% plant-based restaurant, so everything on the menu is vegan. Perfect for vegetarians and vegans as you can choose anything from the menu! They’re open for lunch and dinner. For lunch they have this delicious vegan Focus Sandwich with cashew spread and marinated tempeh. Or the Asian bun with tofu and paprika that you see at the top of this page.
For dinner they have dishes like vegan burgers, risotto, falafel salad and much more.

Restaurant Waanzinnig

Vegetarian friendly restaurant Waanzinnig has been on my favorite food spots in Tilburg page since the beginning of my blog.
Waanzinnig is a special restaurant as it’s run by people with a psychological vulnerability. They get guidance from coaches and experienced waiters. 
I went there quite a few times for dinner as they always have several good vegetarian options. And they’re also open for lunch on Saturdays.
It’s not a 100% vegetarian restaurant, but they do have a large focus on vegetarian dishes. There are always vegan options too.


June, one of the new restaurants in Tilburg in 2023, is completely vegetarian! They serve an all-day brunch menu with almost 20 dishes that are all vegetarian. They’ve also got several good lactose-free and vegan options that are clearly marked on the menu. It became one of my favorite restaurants in Tilburg straight away. Not only because of their vegetarian menu of course, but also because of the beautiful interior.

De Houtloods

People often ask me what my favorite restaurant in Tilburg is. I always find it difficult to answer as each restaurant has its own positive aspects and it also really depends on what mood you’re in. But if I had to choose one, I would go for De Houtloods. De Houtloods really stands out and would be reason alone to visit Tilburg. It was the first restaurant in Tilburg that took vegetarian dishes to the next level. It showed that vegetarian dishes can be more than goat cheese salads and pasta penne. Pictured you see the signature dish of Koos de Wolf, chef of the Houtloods. It’s watermelon sashimi in avocado-cucumber dressing, It might look like a simple dish but there’s so much work to it! The watermelon was brined with salt for 12 hours, then put in a bag with salty seawater for another 12 hours and set to firm in the fridge. The tapioca pearls alone needed about 6 steps to be prepared. And the soy sauce from Rotterdam that de Wolf topped at the end, has aged for 24 months in whiskey barrels.


Doloris is the first (and so far the only) rooftop bar in Tilburg. Besides the nice roof top terrace with loads of sun, it also has a stylish interior, good cocktail list and a shared dining menu. On the menu you’ll find comfort food from all over the world, and since 2023 they’ve got loads of vegetarian and vegan options on the menu. From flatbread with cashew-tzatziki to buffalo mozzarella. Order a few dishes each round to share and you’ll taste the whole world on one evening.
Also nice to do before your dinner: the Doloris Meta Maze. It’s a unique labyrinth where the goal isn’t necessarily to find the exit (you’ll find it for sure), but to enjoy the art on your way.

Vega Foodie Tour

Did you know that you can do a vegetarian walking dinner in Tilburg? It’s called the Vega Foodie Tour and it’s created by me! If you book the arrangement you’ll have a vegetarian dish at 4 different restaurants in Tilburg. It’s a great way to have a special dinner with family or friends. You start at Rooftopbar Doloris, right next to the train station. The seconds top is at Restaurant Waanzinnig of which I told you earlier and where you get these vegan springrolls or another dish depending on the season. The third stop is at Eethuis Twintig at the Piushaven and you end at the Piushaven as well; at Good Mood where you can enjoy a nice chocolate dessert.
PLEASE NOTE: at the moment you can’t book the Vega Foodie Tour.

Click here for all vegan friendly restaurants in Tilburg.

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