Healthy and vegetarian food at the Efteling

The Efteling is my favorite theme park in the world. It’s a magical place where fairytales come to life. It’s open 365 days a year, so you can enjoy the pretty and well maintenanced park year-round. You can find the Efteling in the province Brabant in the Netherlands, as it’s very close to my hometown Tilburg I go to the Efteling occasionally. Most theme parks only sell unhealthy food like pizza and hamburgers. But the Efteling also has a large range of healthy and vegetarian food options.

There are 15 restaurants in the Efteling and they have several healthy, vegetarian and/or organic options.

De Gulden Gaarde is a takeaway restaurant at the Droomvlucht, a beautiful kid-friendly ride in a fantasy world with elves and trolls. At the Gulden Gaarde they have juices, fruit and salads. Although it’s called a take away restaurant they also have a few tables to sit down at. Enjoy a healthy fruit salad, a bowl of soup or sugar-free lemonade at this restaurant in the Efteling. Besides many healthy options, they also have vegan and gluten free food at the Gulden Gaarde.
Het witte paard (the white horse) is conveniently located near the ‘Land van Laaf’ and the steam carroussel. This self service restaurant has a few healthy and vegetarian options. They’ve labeled items with a green gnome if the dish is full of vegetables, an orange gnome if it’s full of fruit and a brown gnome if the bread is freshly baked that day. You can also order a warm meal or a salad here. And there are many seats at the Witte Paard, so it’s a perfect stop to rest and fill-up.
Polles keuken (Polle’s kitchen) is a pancake restaurant. Not very healthy but great for vegetarian comfort food. They have 10 different sweet and 10 savory pancakes. And kids can order a hearth shaped pancake that they can decorate themself. Besides the delicious pancakes, the interior alone is worth a visit. Everything is beautifuly made within the theme and every 20 minutes there’s a free show where the pots and pans come to live!
Octopus is an underwater theme restaurant located in ‘Pandadroom’ the 4d movie that makes you aware of how beautiful the world is and how we should protect it. At the octopus you can order pasta’s and panini’s. You can combine your own pasta dish with ingridients of your choice. Or get a salad or some fruit for your vitamin fix.
You can find more information about the restaurants at the Efteling on this page.
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