FoodExplore: Food hall in Utrecht

After Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague there’s finally a food hall in Utrecht! And it’s has a unique location and unique concept. The food market is called FoodExplore and it’s housed in The Wall, a building that you might have seen when driving on the A2 highway.
The concept is also different than other food halls. Where you normally buy your food at one of the stands and pay there for your dish, FoodExplore works with a set entrance fee. For this amount you can order anything you like from the food stands for 2, 3 or 4 hours. It’s like a combination of food court and all you can eat. They have no less than 20 food stands at FoodExplore so there’s something for everyone. From soups to salads, from barbecue to French fries. They have several good vegetarian options and quite a big choice for desserts.
food hall utrecht

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