3D Printed dinner at Michelin star restaurant De Karpendonkse Hoeve in Eindhoven

Last week I had a very unique experience! I had a 3D printed dinner at Michelin star restaurant De Karpendonkse Hoeve in Eindhoven. I already knew that Eindhoven and the whole East Brabant region is an innovative region, so if I had to guess where I would eat my first 3D printed food I would already say Eindhoven. On this page I’m telling your more about 3D printed food and about my dinner at Michelin star restaurant De Karpendonkse Hoeve in Eindhoven.

Last week the 3D printer was installed at the Karpendonkse Hoeve. This printer doesn’t make plastic objects but edible shapes. The 3D printer can be found at the entrance of the restaurant and was a lot smaller than I thought. I expected the size of a Xerox machine, but it was more the size of an espresso machine. The Karpendonkse Hoeve worked together with Upprinting Food, a start-up from the Technical University in Eindhoven. Upprinting Food focusses on sustainability and wants to create valuable food concepts with the 3D printing technology. And it’s sustainable alright as they print with food waste.

A mixture of food left-overs, from for example bread and chickpeas, goes into the machine and they can be printed in any shape. Here you see the logo of the Karpendonkse Hoeve. After the 3D printer is ready, it’s baked for a few minutes to get crispy and dehydrated. The 3D printer will be at the Karpendonkse Hoeve for one more week, but also after that I recommend a dinner at this restaurant just outside of the city center of Eindhoven. You can find them at the park next to the Karpendonske plas (lake), so you have a great view of the park while you’re having dinner. You can see the geese pass by and if you’re luck a squirrel might walk by the window.

The Karpendonkse Hoeve has had a Michelin star for 40 continues years. Daughter Ingrid took over from her parents who started the restaurant 45 years ago. On the menu you’ll find classical dishes like oysters, lobster and Wagyu beef, but all with new influences from all over the world. They oysters come in a Peru style, the lobster soup with Persian saffron cream and the Wagyu beef with wasabi just to name a few examples.
They get their inspiration from trips abroad and from guest chefs from all over the world whom they invite at their restaurant.

Most of the guests go for the 5 course surprise dinner from the chef at the Karpendonkse Hoeve, but if you’re less hungry you can also go for 2, 3 or 4 courses. You can also choose your dishes from the menu. I requested a vegetarian menu and it was no problem at all.
We started with three amuse-bouche, the amuse in the spoon is an asparagus cream with amarant and you also see a homemade macaron and tapioca.
We also got brioche buns with olive oil and three kinds of salt.

The little bowl in which this dish was served comes from the 3D printer! It was the first time in my life that I ate something from a 3D printer, but I think this is just the beginning so it’ll be much more common! It’s filled with goat cheese balls, miso mayonnaise and kumquat.

My starter was this tomato tartar with basil meringue and buffel mozzarella. The buffel mozzarella was incredibly creamy. and the other ingredients gave it a nice bite and texture.

As a main dish I got this Beet Wellington. It’s a vegetarian version of the famous Beef Wellington. Where Beef Wellington is made with steak, this vegetarian version is made with red beets. Just like the classic dish it’s covered in puff pastry. It was served with a red wine and beetroot sauce and seasonal vegetables and the 3D printed logo of the Karpendonkse Hoeve on top.

My boyfriend had the regular, non-vegetarian menu and his dishes looked delicious too. And as you can see, he also got the 3D printed logo with his dinner!

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For dessert we had this summer bowl with rose sorbet, white chocolate mousse, rhubarb, strawberry and the edible flower honeysuckle.
It was a perfect dessert for this sunny day as it was light and sweet.

De Karpendonkse Hoeve is a member of Noord Brabant Culinair (NB Culinair) a platform for Brabants best restaurants. There are 25 hight quality restaurants that are a member of NB Culinair. You can check the full list here and use it as your bucket list for culinary Brabant.

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