Food News October 2019

Every month I’m bringing you the latest food news. From new products to new brands, I’m keeping you posted on my Food News pages. This month I’m sharing the food news from October 2019. Scroll down for all new foodie goodies.
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New Tony’s flavor

Tony’s Chocolonely has released its new temporary bar. This chocolate flavor is available for 1 year only. Their newest flavor is milk chocolate crunch with pecan and caramel. Their caramel-seasalt flavor is one of the most popular flavors of Tony’s Chocolonely, so I think many people will be happy with another bar that contains caramel! I actually love pecans and chocolate with a crunch, so I can’t wait to try it!
The only downside of this new flavor is that we have to say goodbye to the ‘melk-kletskop’ flavor. This milk chocolate bar with the typical Dutch cookie ‘kletskop’ was also a really nice flavor, but I’ve got a feeling that this new crunch-pecan-caramel bar will be more popular.

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Mister Kitchen goes Pizza

Mister Kitchen, the men that you might know from their peanut butter or their vegan spread for sandwiches, has released a whole new line of products. This time it’s not for on your sandwich but you can create your own pizza with them! They have a thin sourdough pizza base and four pizza sauces; original, spicy tomato, smoky paprika and a cheesy pesto sauce.

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