Instagram Spots of Tilburg

On this page I’m sharing the best Instagram spots of Tilburg with you. After sharing the most Instagrammable restaurants of Amsterdam, I thought it was time to make a list of the most Instagrammable spots in my hometown Tilburg.
Tilburg is often considered an ‘ugly, industrial city’, but I think this blog post will prove the opposite. On this page you’ll find the sights and restaurants in Tilburg that are very photogenic, so they’re very Instagrammable.


A very Instagrammable area in Tilburg is the Spoorzone. It’s an urban area right behind the central station. There’s many street-art that can be found there. Great for colorful Instagram pictures! Here you see me at skate-hall the Hall of Fame, most graffiti can be found around that area.

Bus station

The bus station might be a spot in a city that you normally don’t really pay attention to. But I think the relatively new busstation in Tilburg is one of the best Instagram spots in town. I love the part that you see first most, it’s also the part that you see pictured here.

Talent Square

Talent Square is a student housing building. From the outside you don’t really see anything special. It’s just a brown stoned building. But on the inside there’s a lovely atrium. There’s one part that’s open to the public, that’s the part that you see pictured here. There’s also another part, that’s only accessible to the residents, that might be even more Instagrammable. It’s a rectangular atrium with 13 floors of students rooms surrounding it.

The Fat Greek

The Fat Greek, often called TFG Tilburg is a modern Greek restaurant that serves delicious comfort food. Their pita gyros is served with French Fries inside the bun and the portions are big (you don’t need to feel ashamed if you ask for a goodie bag. Their dishes are quite photogenic so they’re perfect for posting on Instagram! Check out these milkshakes for example or their breakfast pancakes. The interior has a retro 70’s vibe, so if makes a very Instagrammable background.


Restaurant Rak is literally floating on the water of the Piushaven harbor area. And besides the beautiful views of the water, the interior of Rak is also worth taking a picture of! You see the waves continuing on the floor and you’ll find many plants, pink velvet sofa’s and green armchairs at Rak. Combine it with a touch of gold and you’ve got your perfect Instagram interior!
We visited Rak during the Food Blogger Tour 2018 that I organized.


The Lochal is one of the most popular Instagram spots in Tilburg. Located in the earlier mentioned Spoorzone, right next to central station the Lochal is the favorite spot of every photographer. In this big former locomotive factory you can now find the public library and other companies. It has a small cafe on the ground floor and the children’s section is designed by theme-park De Efteling. The huge textiles that are a reference to the cities former main economy are real eye-catchers.
A Dutch newspaper called the Lochal the Centre Pompidou of Tilburg.

De Tilburgse Kermis

It’s not really a spot, but it’s very Instagrammable. For 10 days a year the biggest fun fair of the Netherlands settles down in Tilburg. Although settling down might not be the right verb as the attractions do everything but that. From rollercoasters to ferris wheels and from popcorn stands to catapults. The fair in Tilburg has many attractions to please everyone. The best thing is to come at dusk or after sunset for the nicest pictures.
Last year I organized an Instameet at the Tilburgse Kermis.


The Spaarbank is a cafe that’s located at a cross point where 5 roads are crossing. This infamous ‘vijfsprong’ is a spot where you need to be careful where you’re going as cars and cyclists are coming from 5 directions. But maybe you can find a quiet corner to have a look at the Spaarbank. I love this old bank building and I think it’s very Instagrammable.


The picture at the top of this page and right here are both taken at EVE. EVE used to be a restaurant in the Spoorzone. In Corona times EVE had to close its doors unfortunately, so at the moment the building is closed. But at the end of July 2021 the Gourmet Market Central Station will open here, so hopefully it’ll be just as Instagrammable!

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