10x Unique accommodations in Europe

Looking for a special place to spend the night? On this page I’ve listed 10 of the most unique accommodations in Europe. From sleeping in a tree house to watching the stars in a bubble; these hotels and bed & breakfasts are all very special. Every type of accommodation listed on this page is great for couples and most of them are great for kids as well.

1 Treehouse, Ardèche, France

A tree house is one of the most unique forms of accommodation that I ever spend the night in. This tree house is located in the Ardèche region in France. It has its own living room, kitchen, toilet and a relax area with a big window. It sleeps up to four people.
Click here to read more about this tree house.

2 Crane apartment, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Gabrielle from Sunshine on my Mind slept in a Crane in Amsterdam! The Yays Crane Apartment is located in Amsterdam North, across the IJ river from central station. You might not believe it but this crane hotel has a bathtub, kitchen and 2 bedrooms.
Click here to read more about the Crane Apartment.

3 Glass Box, Boxtel, the Netherlands

Every summer you can spend the night in one of the glass boxes in the town Boxtel in Brabant in the Netherlands. These boxes are completely see-through and are located in quiet nature areas. It’s a real ‘Box and Breakfast‘ as you can enjoy your breakfast in front of your cubicle.
Click here to read more about the Glass Boxes in Boxtel.

4 Prison Tower, Vlissingen, the Netherlands

In the city Vlissingen in the province Zeeland in the Netherlands you can sleep in a former prison tower. There’s only one suite in the tower, consisting of two floors. On the first floor you’ve got a living room, dining area and kitchen and on the second floor is the bedroom and bathroom. The ceiling of the second floor is made of glass so you can look all the way up in the tower. You can see the sea from your bed and you’ve got a 360 degree balcony.
Click here to read more about the Prison Tower in Vlissingen.

5 Raft, Värmland, Sweden

Dogvision slept on a raft in Värmland in Sweden. You can find this raft accommodation in the North of Sweden. You get all the materials but you have to build the raft yourself (with guidance from an instructor). You use the raft to go down the river and you can picnic along the way.
Click here for more information about sleeping on a raft in Sweden.

6 Cave House, Guadix, Spain

In Gaudix in Andalusia in Spain you can sleep in a cave house. My Footprints flew to Malaga and drove to Gaudix to stay in one of these houses that are carved into the caves. These cave houses have thick outer walls to keep the temperature cool inside. There are around 2000 cave houses in Gaudix.
Click here to reserve your cave hotel in Gaudix.

7 Castle, Umbria, Italy

Lifelicious slept in a castle in Italy. The historic castle is located in the Umbria region, near the town Perugia. The rooms have beautiful views over the hill. And even though the castle dates back to the 11th century, it has been completely renovated to host guests.
Click here to reserve your room at Castello Di Giomici.

8 Lighthouse, Porer, Croatia

There are 10 lighthouses in Croatia where you can book a room. This one in Porer is on a tiny island that only takes 1 minute to walk around. But the sunrises and sunsets here are amazing! You’ve got your own kitchen so make sure to stock up on food before you go!
Click here to see all 10 lighthouses and to reserve your room.

9 Wine Barrel, Schwarzwald, Germany

I already told you that Germany is the wine country of 2019, so where else would you spend the night in a wine barrel than Germany? I got this tip for the wine barrel hotel from Ongewoon Lekker. If you book a night at one of the 6 barrels in this hotel called Schlafen im Weinfass you’ll get two bottles of wine and a bottle of bubbles. You also get a snack platter, water and grape juice and of course a nice breakfast the following day.
Click here to book your wine barrel in Germany.

10 Church, Maastricht, the Netherlands

In Maastricht, in the south of the Netherlands, you can sleep in a former church! The Kruisherenhotel is a luxurious 5 star hotel in the city center. The reception and restaurant are located in the church and the hotel rooms can be found in the monastery.
Click here to read more about the Kruisherenhotel in Maastricht.

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