Easy Lotus Biscoff Ice Cream (no ice cream maker needed)

On this page I’m sharing a super easy recipe for home-made Lotus Biscoff Ice Cream. The great thing is that you don’t need an ice cream maker to make it! This no churn ice cream, as it’s called, doesn’t even need to be stirred during the freezing proces. And an extra bonus is that you only need 4 ingredients. Can it get any easier? Quickly read on for the recipe of this easy Lotus Biscoff Ice Cream.

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Lotus Biscoff

Lotus Bakeries is a Belgian company that is active worldwide and mostly known for its Lotus Biscoff cookie. The company was founded in 1932 by three brothers. In the 1950’s they started with packaging the Lotus biscuits individually, entering the catering segment. In 1986 they started naming their Speculoos cookie ‘Lotus Biscoff’ and gradually introduced them to about 70 countries. Chances are high that you recognize the red wrapping with the white letters. The Lotus company is still in hands of the same family that started it almost 100 years ago.

Lotus Biscoff cookies

Lotus Biscoff, a small cookie, has a distinctive flavor and delightful crunch. Its unique taste, crisp texture, and iconic shape have made it the perfect partner for countless coffee enthusiasts. And for some it stands as a little indulgence all on its own. The cookie is a Belgium ‘Speculoos’, which is slightly different than the Dutch Speculaas. The main difference is that the Dutch Speculaas contains more spices. Spices were more expensive to import to Belgium than to the Netherlands, so Lotus created the Speculaas with less spices so that it was still affordable for the Belgian public.

Fun Facts

  • Did you know that the Windmill or Almond Winmill cookies that are sold in the United States are based on the Belgian Speculoos cookies?
  • The name Lotus was chosen by the founders because of the purity of the flower. But did you know that the word ‘Biscoff’ is short for ‘biscuit with coffee‘?

Lotus Biscoff Cookie Butter

In Belgium and the Netherlands many people have the habit of putting Speculoos cookies on a slice of bread. People had different ways of enjoying their cookies on bread – some opted for the whole cookie, some crumbled it, and others preferred to dip it in their drink before savoring it. While undoubtedly delicious, these methods weren’t exactly convenient. However, a Belgian woman had a great idea. Why not craft a luscious cookie butter? This innovative notion was transformed into reality when she crafted her unique recipe and submitted it to a TV show competition. And guess what? She won! After that, she joined forces with Lotus Bakeries to refine Lotus Biscoff cookie butter to its delectably smooth state.
Nowadays you can buy the Lotus Biscoff Cookie Butter (or sometimes called Speculoos spread) in several countries. For my easy Lotus Ice Cream recipe I stirred the Speculoos spread in a whipped cream-condensed milk mixture.

Easy Lotus Ice Cream

For my easy Lotus ice cream recipe, I used both the Lotus Biscoff cookies and the Cookie Butter spread. A real indulgence! Here you see the ice cream before it goes into the freezer. I love making my own ice cream, and I don’t even have an ice cream maker. I think ice cream machines just take up a lot of space in my kitchen, and you don’t even use it that often. And you don’t need it to make super tasty and creamy ice cream. You don’t even need to stir the ice cream regularly when it’s setting in the freezer. You just mix all the ingredients and put the container in the freezer until serving. You might also like my home-made cookie with sprinkles ice cream or my no-churn Snickers ice cream recipe.
I’m sure that this Lotus Biscoff ice cream will impress all your friends. Will they even believe that it’s home-made? Quickly read on for the recipe.

How long can you keep this homemade ice cream in the freezer?

You can keep homemade ice cream in the freezer for at least two weeks. After that the texture might change and ice crystals might form. Make sure that your home-made ice cream is properly covered, otherwise ice crystals will form quickly and they will make the taste more watery.

Recipe Easy Lotus Biscoff Ice Cream

Ingredients (serves 4-6):

  • 500 ml whipping cream
  • 1 can condensed milk (397 grams)
  • 350 grams Lotus Biscoff butter
  • 10 Lotus Biscoff Speculoos cookies, crumbled

In a bowl, mix the whipping cream and the condensed milk until stiff peaks have formed.

Stir in 200 grams of the Lotus Biscoff butter until combined.

Put half of the Lotus Biscoff ice cream mixture in a freezable container.

Use 75 grams of Lotus Biscoff butter to create a swirl on top of the ice cream layer. Spread with half of the crumbled cookies.

Top with the remaining ice cream mixture, create another swirl layer with the remaining cookie butter and top with the remaining cookie crumbles.

Put a lid on the container and freeze for at least 6 hours or overnight.

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