Rainbow Toast

I often say ‘eat the rainbow’ because I really like fruit and vegetables with all kinds of colors, but sometimes I mean it quite literally. Like with this rainbow toast. I think it’s so much fun to play with your food and try new things. This rainbow toast (or Unicorn Toast as it’s sometimes called) is a real eye-catcher!
I’ve seen this rainbow toast on Instagram a couple of times, I think it originally came from Vibrant and Pure.
I first made a version using food coloring (pictured above) and after that I wanted to make one with only natural coloring (pictured below).
To make the rainbow toast pictured above just put cream cheese in 5 small bowls and add a few drips of every color to each bowl. Mix it well and spread them out on your toast.

For the natural colored Unicorn Toast pictured below I used red beet juice to get the light pink and pink layer. And raspberry juice to get the purple layer.

unicorn toast with natural coloring

If you like colored food, you’ll probably also like my Unicorn Noodles or my Pink Quinoa.

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