These gifts can be ordered online and delivered in the Netherlands

Due to the Covid19/Corona pandemic, there are many (Birthday) parties that can’t be celebrated anymore. Luckily you can still send your friend or family member a nice gift for their Birthday, or just because you’re thinking of them. On this page I’ve listed my favorites. These gifts can be ordered online and delivered in the Netherlands. There’s quite a few food options on this list, as I just really like food.

Van Planten

It’s also possible to send some vegan sweets to someone. Vegan bakery Van Planten has also started a delivery service in these Corona times. You’re able to order a few of their delivery proof vegan treats on their website. You can choose from all kinds of goodies like brownies and rocky road. They’ll send the packages every weekday.

Click here for all options to have vegan cakes delivered in the Netherlands.

Waldo Brownies

Waldo is perfect for brownie lovers. I don’t think there’s anywhere else where you’ve got so many different brownies that you can order online. From raspberry-cheesecake brownies to Oreo brownies, they’ve got them all at Waldo. If you order before 4pm they’re shipped that same day.


I know Houtenbakkes from their vegetarian and vegan grazing boards that they deliver in Tilburg, but now they also have a nice edible gift that can be send all over the Netherlands. They’ve got a box filled with homemade chocolate peanut clusters. They box can be ordered online and delivered all through the Netherlands. If fits in the mailbox, so the receiver doesn’t need to be at home. The box is €12,- including shipping and you can order it here.


Coffeelicious, the lunchroom in Dordrecht, The Hague and Breda, has started delivery in Corona times. They make delicious American cookies that they ship all over the Netherlands. You can choose between Red Velvet, Nutella and Lemon cookies or you can order a mixed box with all 3 flavors. They’ve got several other options for take-away and delivery as well. Click here for the full list and order your food gift straight away.

Bec’s Bakes

Bec’s Bakes delivers homemade sweet and savoury bakes. She bakes them in Almere and you can have them delivered all over the Netherlands. You can order all kinds of things, like brownies, cupcakes, scones and homemade high tea’s. Look at how nice and gooey these brownies are!

Julie’s American Cookies

Julie from Julie’s American Cookies bakes the most delicious American cookies in a bakery in The Hague. She has all the traditional American cookies flavors like Chocolate Chip cookies and Oatmeal raisin cookies. Furthermore she also bakes fudge brownies and cookie cakes (a giant cookie that’s similar to a cake). You can order the cookies, cake and fudge online and she delivers them in The Hague and ships to every city in the Netherlands.

Sayfs Bakery

Sayfs Bakery bakes cakes for restaurant, but she reinvented herself during the lockdown of the Covid pandemic. She also started making brownies and blondies that can be delivered by mail throughout the Netherlands. She’s got all kind of different sweets like Pecan Caramel Blondies or Kinderella blondie. You can order them via her Instagram account.

Amsterdam Baking Company

Amsterdam Baking Company sure knows how to bake something sweet! Their assortment changes often, but it’s always sweet and inspired by South American cuisine. Did someone say ‘dulce de leche’? Their most popular pastries are Alfajores (two cookies with cream in between) and Medialunas (croissant lookalikes). Amsterdam Baking Company delivers in the Netherlands.


At BrownieTime you can have all kinds of delicious brownies delivered to your or someone else’s door. The brownies are made with organic butter and eggs and fair trade Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate. They also have vegan and gluten-free brownies. You can order brownies in one flavor, like the classic brownies, brownies with raspberries or caramel brownies. But you can also go for a box with different flavors. The BrownieTime brownies fit in the mail box so the receiver doesn’t have to be at home when they’re delivered.
Especially for my followers I have a great discount code for BrownieTime! Use code TRAVELFOODIE10 for 10% discount on your order.

Sweetbox Onze Smaak

Do you already know the Sweetbox from Onze Smaak? These sweet mailbox packages come in different Brownie varieties. You’ve got Oreo Brownies, Rocky Road Brownies and Party Brownies that are perfect for Birthdays. My recommendation is the Brownie Proeverij. This tasting package includes small pieces of 9 different kinds of brownies.

Taste Crib

If your friend likes to bake, it’s probably nicer to give him/her a baking kit from Taste Crib. In these baking kits you can find all of the ingredients you’ll need to bake one of your classic favorites (except the fresh ingredients of course). There are serval different packages like a baking kit for chocolate chip cookies or super chocolatey cupcakes. Besides the baking and frosting mixes, you’ll also find other necessities in the boxes like cupcake liners or piping tools. Algemeen sells pretty much anything you can think of, from flowers to books. And from puzzels to toys. You can order and pay online and have the gift delivered to someone else. You can even have it giftwrapped.


You can send online cards and gifts via Greetz. I used Greetz to send birthday cards to friends and even whole gift packages to friends who just had a baby. Greetz delivers your cards all over the world so it’s also nice to sent your friends abroad a real postcard.

Click here to find out which restaurants in Tilburg deliver food During the Corona crisis.

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