Recipe sugar-free Dutch Baby Pancake

Ever heard of a Dutch Baby Pancake? This big pancake is baked in the oven instead of in a pan on both sides. It’s thick and fluffy and very Instagrammable! The name is a bit confusing as this pancake isn’t small nor Dutch. Although there’s a chance that it derived from pancakes from Germany, the neighboring country of the Netherlands, it’s an American invention. I don’t know where the name ‘baby’ in the name comes from, as a Dutch Baby Pancake is actually quite big and grows over the edges of your skillet in the oven.
The traditional Dutch Baby Pancake recipe contains sugar, but as my recipes are always refined sugar free this Dutch Baby is also free of sugars or sweeteners.

With only 4 or 5 ingredients that you’ll probably have lying around anyway, this Dutch Baby Pancake is perfect for Sunday mornings when the supermarket is closed. As you don’t have to flip this pancake, it’s also fool-proof. You might think it’s difficult to make as it almost looks like a soufflé, but it’s super easy. Just eat it straight from the oven before it sinks in.
You can to it with whatever you want; ice cream, fruit, powdered sugar. It’s up to you!

Recipe: Sugar-free Dutch Baby Pancake
Ingredients (for 1 big pancake, 2 people):
4 eggs
85 grams flour
180 ml milk
optionally: 1 tsp vanilla essence
4 tbs butter

Toppings; for example sugar free jam and fresh fruit.

Put a skillet in the oven and preheat the oven to 220 Celsius. Mix the eggs, flour, milk and optionally the vanilla essence with a mixer until fully mixed. Take the skillet out of the oven, put the butter in and let it melt. Stir the pan around so the butter coats the sides as well. Pour the batter in the skillet and bake for 17-20 minutes. The Dutch Baby Pancake is ready when it’s fluffy and the edges are golden brown. 

You can serve your Dutch Baby Pancake with sugar free jelly and/or fresh fruit. You can top it with a bit of powdered sugar, although then it isn’t sugar free anymore

You can also divide the pancake batter in muffin tins. The process remains the same, so you’ll need to warm the muffin tin in the oven in advance. The baking time might be a bit shorter, keep an eye out to see when they’re golden brown.

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