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This month restaurant T-Huis opened up in the Spoorpark in Tilburg. The Spoorpark opened up last year and is a lovely park near the railroad tracks in Tilburg, just West of the Central Station. The T-Huis is the restaurant in the middle of the park. I had dinner at T-Huis when it just opened up. On this page I’m sharing my review of T-Huis in the Spoorpark in Tilburg.

I love it that so many new restaurants are opening up in my hometown. After all the new restaurants that have opened up in Tilburg in 2019, restaurant T-huis is the first new restaurant of 2020.
The name has several meanings, it can be a tea house, but the T can also stand for Tilburg and it can also be ‘thuis’ as you’ll feel right at home.
The interior is a mix of beach bar meats outback meats winter. There are many warm colors and wooden touches. There’s carpet on the ceiling that isn’t only great for the acoustics, but also gives a warm feeling. There’s a conversation pit that’s great if you just want to have a drink or relax. There’s a separate space that is great for groups, but that can also be used for the regular restaurant if needed.

Restaurant T-Huis is open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week from 10am onwards.
On the lunch menu you’ll find sandwiches, soups and salads. And 3 of the starters and 3 main dishes from the dinner menu are also available for lunch. It’s always a meat, a fish and a vegetarian dish.
They also serve several snacks throughout the day. I can’t wait for summer when you can sit outside on the terrace overlooking the park with a white wine and some aged cheese cubes or bread with toppings.

On the dinner menu you’ll find several (French) classics like steak tartare or oysters for starters and rib-eye steak or codfish. The real creativity of restaurant T-Huis can be seen in the vegetarian dishes.
The puffed celeriac with goat cheese, truffle and crisps and the grilled feta cheese with pear chutney are both delicious starters.
On the website of T-Huis I only saw two vegetarian main dishes on the online menu, but when we were there there were three vegetarian mains. Mac and Cheese with grilled green asparagus and cucumber salad, chickpea curry with sour cream and flatbread and grilled beet steak with parsnip, mushrooms and roasted hazelnuts. I went for the latter as you see pictured above. The beet was served with Pedro Ximenez wine sauce, which added a lot of flavor.

Make sure you order a dessert after your dinner at restaurant T-Huis in het Spoorpark. The waiter will come with a tray with all available desserts so you can pick the one you like best. You can choose your favorite ice cream flavor to go with it too. We went for this chocolate dessert with vanilla ice cream.

Make sure you have a look at the toilets too. All ladies rooms have a different theme. From a toilet in seventies style to a Chinese version. In the mens room there’s a small box with different statues above every urinoir, like mini museums. And feel free to also have a peek in the accessible toilet, this one is in underwater theme. I loved the creativity of the interior decorators!

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