Vegetarian options at Downtown Gourmet Market Eindhoven

The Downtown Gourmet Market is one of the most popular food spots in Eindhoven. At this (mostly) indoor food hall there are several stands where you can order your food and you can sit down and enjoy it at one of the many tables in the middle part. There are plenty of options for vegetarians at the Downtown Gourmet Market in Eindhoven. I’ve listed the best vegetarian foods at the gourmet market in this blog post.

At Vietnamama they sell delicious dishes from Vietnam. They serve a vegetarian version of the Vietnamese staple Banh Mi, a Vietnamese sandwich, with omelet. And of course they sell spring rolls, besides their versions with meat and fish they also have a vegetarian version, that can be ordered completely vegan as well.

Casa Sabatelli
At Casa Sabatelli you can order several kinds of pasta dishes. You first choose what kind of pasta you want (they also have a whole-wheat busiata) and then you choose your sauce. They have 5 sauces to choose from of which 3 are vegetarian; the creamy truffle sauce, the basil pesto and the vegetarian ragout. If desired you can top it of with parmesan or pecorino. They also have a vegetarian fresh ravioli with spinach and ricotta at Casa Sabatelli in the Downton Gourmet Food Market.


Arizona Taco House

Pictured are the tortilla chips with cheddar cheese and homemade salsa from Arizona Taco House. At this Mexican food stand they have several vegetarian options. You can get a vegetarian version of their taco’s or burrito with beans, sour cream, tomato, spring onion and white cheese. And they also have a ‘loaded’ version of these nacho’s that you can get either with or without meat.

Miss Temaki
At Miss Temaki you can get your fix of Japanese food. Although this often includes fish, they have a great vegetarian poke bowl at Miss Temaki with avocado, seaweed, cucumber, red onion, fried onion and a honey-soy dressing.
Click here for a recipe to make your own vegetarian sushi bowl. 


Pim’s Potatoes

At Pim’s Potatoes they serve all kinds of potato dishes. From roasted to baked or loaded, be surprised of all the things Pim can do with a potato! They have a tasting platter of which you can order a vegetarian version like the one pictured above. You see potato with avocado, goat cheese, tzatziki and mango just to name a few toppings.

At Pietza they serve authentic stone oven wood fired pizzas. Every morning they make the dough themselves and they top it when you order it. They’re ready in a few minutes and they have several vegetarian options. My favorites are the Mushrooms  & Truffle and the Blue Cheese & Pear. But the Ratatouille pizza with courgette, aubergine, cherry tomatoes and pepper is also very tasty.

Fries love Balls
The name might already explain what they serve: fries and balls. Their fries are vegetarian of course. But with balls they mean the typical Dutch ‘bitterballen’ which are tipically made from beef. Luckily Fries love Balls has also thought about the vegetarians by putting 2 vegetarian ‘bitterballs’ on the menu. You can go for the ‘bieterbal’ made with red beets or go for the risotto truffle balls served with truffle mayonaise.


Ijssalon Kees
Luckily desserts are (pretty much) always vegetarian! My favorite place to go for dessert at the Downtown Gourmet Market in Eindhoven is Ijssalon Kees. And I’m not the only one who likes the ice cream here as they’ve been voted one of the 5 best ice cream parlors in the Netherlands in both 2017 and 2018. They sell ‘ice cream tapas’ here, small portions of ice creams. You can order a platter with all 6 ice creams for you and your company to share.

The Pnck Company
At the Pnck Company they sell all kinds of pancakes, a great choice to satisfy your sweet-tooth or your kids. You can go fot the Plain American stack with maple syrup or the Fruit PNCK with granola, Greek yogurt and fruit.

Just Say Cheese
Do you prefer cheese over sweets to end your meal? Then ‘Just Say Cheese’ is the food stand for you! They have a cheese platter with 4 different cheese, bread, grapes and walnuts. They also have an XL version with 6 different kinds of cheeses.

Click here for all my food favorites in Eindhoven. 


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