Eetwinkel Verzot; deli and healthy take-out in Tilburg

In February I already told you that Eetwinkel verzot in Tilburg would open up this spring. And now I’m very happy to announce that they’re open! Eetwinkel Verzot is a deli and healthy take-out in Tilburg. You can find them at the Besterdplein, on the North side of the central station.

Eetwinkel Verzot is housed in a former clothing shop on the Besterdplein. They’ve renovated quite a lot, so you might not recognize it anymore. They’ve divided the premises in two parts, the deli and shop in the front and the kitchen in the back.

In the deli they sell all kinds of delicacies at Eetwinkel Verzot. Some of the items in the shop aren’t available anywhere else in Tilburg. When I looked at all the products in the shop I felt like going on a picnic or hosting an evening with friends at home. All the items looked so good and they are all high quality.

In the shop of Eetwinkel Verzot in Tilburg you can buy things like special beers, wines, crisps, spreads and sauces. They have a rose harissa that’s very unique and a must-try!

As I said, the main business of Eetwinkel Verzot is healthy take-out meals. You can pop in for a healthy lunch or dinner to take with you. It’s great for your lunch break at work or for when you’re short on time. Up until now it was quite difficult to get healthy take-out food in Tilburg, so I’m very happy with Eetwinkel Verzot.

The menu changes practically every day but they always have good vegetarian options available. I had roasted aubergine with homemade hermoula (a herb paste), bulgur, roasted almonds and a yogurt dressing, a green salad with peas, spinach and nigella seeds, a bulgur salad with spinach and cherry tomatoes and a homemade quiche with fenugreek brie.

Click here for the Facebook page of Eetwinkel verzot or check all my favorite food spots in Tilburg.

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