My most liked Instagram pictures of 2022

These are my 9 most liked Instagram pictures of 2022. It was a year in which we could travel more often again, so you see quite a few travel pictures in my Instagram Best Nine. And my son Mats went from being 6 months to being 1.5 years, so you also see him a few times in my 9 most liked Instagram pictures.

1 Pharmacy in Barcelona

My most liked Instagram picture of 2022 is this pretty farmacy in Barcelona. I went to Barcelona 4 times this year, including a 3 week stay in the summer. So I’ve got many tips for you. Click here for all my blogs on Barcelona.

2 Mats and I on Tenerife

My second most liked picture this year is me and Mats exactly one year ago! We’re in Egypt this year (as you can see in my Instagram stories). And last year we spend the Christmas break on Tenerife. Click here for all my tips on Tenerife.

3 Eight months in, eight months out

Eight months in, eight months out! Mats was so cute and little here! Now that he’s almost 18 months, he’s a lot bigger! I don’t have a ‘9 months in’ picture, as Mats was born 3 weeks early. This picture where I was 8 months pregnant is one of the last pictures I have of my pregnancy. And the picture on the right was when he was 8 months old. I look more tired and I think Mats pulled out half of my hair. But I’m so incredibly happy to have him in my life.

4 Flowershop Barcelona

Another pretty spot in Barcelona: a lovely flower shop. You can find all my BCN pics on Instagram with hashtag #barcelonatravelfoodie.

5 My brother’s wedding

Me at my brother’s wedding. I shared a caroussel of multiple pictures of that lovely day on my Instagram feed back then (you can see all pictures here), but this was the cover photo. Me in my ‘out-of-my-comfort-zone’ outfit. I would normally always wear a dress, but this time I went for this kimono with matching pants.

6 B&B La Vista Brava

One of the best places I stayed at in 2022 also made it to the top nine. Here you see me at Bed and Breakfast La Vista Brava in Catalunya, in the North of Spain.

7 Croissant Boats

Croissant boats! I’m glad that at least one of the recipes I created this year made it to the top 9. You can find the recipe here.

8 Me in Foodies Magazine

In 2022 I created 3 recipes for Foodies magazine. Here you see me with the cover of the issue in which my first recipe was shared. If you’re fast you might still spot me in the Christmas issue.

9 New Job

I shared the good news of my new job with this picture. I work part-time as a drama teacher beside my blog. And I’m very happy with my new job on a nice school closer to home.

I loved sharing my life with you once again in 2022, and I hope to inspire you some more in 2023.

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