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I’ve traveled quite a lot in my life, I’ve been to 67 countries in total. I started my blog and Instagram account 5 years ago to inspire you to eat well and travel often. I love writing travel blogs after my trips so that you can be inspired to travel there as well. Or if you’ve already booked, to see what the best sights, activities and food spots are. On this page I’ve made a recap of 5 years of Anne Travel Foodie by my travels. You’ll find my 10 most popular travel blogs here. These blogs are the most read in the last 5 years.

1 Instagrammable Amsterdam

By far the most popular travel blog on my website is the list of Instagrammable restaurants in Amsterdam. I guess I’m not the only one looking for Instagrammable spots when I’m traveling. On my list you’ll find a pink restaurant, a restaurant with street-art on the walls, restaurants with Instagrammable dishes and this beautiful high-tea.
Click here for the 15 most Instagrammable restaurants of Amsterdam.

2 South Africa

Amsterdam is the capital city of my home country the Netherlands, so this number 2 is actually the highest actual travel blog. South Africa is a beautiful country to visit and it has a lot to offer. From safaris where you can spot lions like these, to beautiful beaches, nature and big cities. We’ve been to Cape Town, the Garden Route and Kruger Park. Besides a written blog I’ve also made a video about our trip that you can watch here.
Click here to read my travel blog on South Africa.

3 Tilburg

My 3rd most popular blog is about food spots in Tilburg. As I live in Tilburg it’s not really a travel blog for me, but I guess more and more people are visiting Tilburg and are looking for nice places to eat. On my blog with my favorite restaurants in Tilburg you’ll find a complete list of restaurants in Tilburg that offer delicious (vegetarian food). My list with my favorite vegetarian friendly food spots in Amsterdam and Eindhoven were also amongst the most read blogs.
Click here for my blog with food spots in Tilburg.

4 Hamburg Food Spots

Another travel blog with food spots that’s very popular (I’m glad I’m not the only travel foodie out there). My blog with food spots in the German city Hamburg is also very well read. I have to say, that I also really loved Hamburg for the food, so I’m not surprised. I mean look at this breakfast from Hotel Tortue for example! I’ve listed my 10 favorite food spots on that page.
Click here for my blog with food spots in Hamburg.

5 Madagascar

Another travel blog about an African country that’s very popular. One and a half years ago we went to Madagascar. A very adventurous trip as we both became ill (read what you need to know before your trip to Madagascar so it doesn’t happen to you). But besides that it was a very unique country, with animals and plants that you can’t find anywhere else in the world, like these lemurs.
Click here to read my travel blog about Madagascar.

6 Instagrammable Hamburg

You guys didn’t only like Hamburg for its food spots but also for its Instagrammable spots. I’ve made a complete list with all the top Instagram spots in Hamburg and I’m also telling you the exact point from where you can take the pictures. Most travel blogs are quite vague about where to actually take the exact picture, but I’ve described it completely for you!
Click here for the most Instagrammable spots in Hamburg.

7 Best Ice cream in Ljubljana

Do you know where you can find the best ice cream of the world? You might think it’s Italy but it’s actually in Slovenia! In 2015 SoolNua created the World Ice Cream Index. They collected over 25,000 votes to find the best ice cream in the world. And Lolita in Ljubljana won. I made it my mission to find the best ice cream in this ice cream capital Ljubljana. And apparently I’m not the only one who loves ice cream as it’s one of my most popular travel blogs.
Click here to read about the best ice cream of Ljubljana.

8 Belize

We visited Belize on a long trip where we also went to Mexico and Guatemala. But my blog on Belize is the most popular of the three. We didn’t stay in Belize City long and traveled to San Ignacio, a town near the border with Guatemala, and to Caye Caulker. Caye Caulker is small enough to feel like an authentic island but big enough to have enough things to keep you busy for a few days.
Click here for my travel blog on Belize.

9 Kortrijk

A surprising listing in my top 10 is my blog on Kortrijk in Belgium. I thought blogs about bigger Belgian cities like Antwerp and Ghent would be more popular, but I guess Kortrijk is a rising star. Kortrijk has a wonderful historic city center with several churches and market squares, a shopping area and a creative area. It also has a river flowing through it (the Leie) and it even has an island in the middle of the river (Buda Island).
Click here to read my travel blog on Kortrijk.

10 Montenegro

I had a wonderful time when I went on a road trip in Montenegro. It’s quite interesting that Greece and Croatia are such popular holiday destinations for Western Europeans, while Montenegro which is right in between them is often overlooked. If you want to explore a lesser known European country that has a lot to offer, then Montenegro is a great destination. You can watch my video on Montengro if you want to get a good overview in just 2 minutes.
Click here to read my travel blog on Montenegro.

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