Review The Nacho Bar Tilburg

In April 2022 the Nacho Bar opened up in Tilburg. This restaurant focusses on nachos but also sells several street food dishes and cocktails. On this page I’m sharing my review of the Nacho Bar in Tilburg.
So if you’re curious about the menu of the Nacho Bar, vegetarian options, cocktails and my review: keep on reading!

The Nacho Bar is located on the Heuvel square, next to the karaoke bar. The first thing that you’ll notice is the wonderful interior. When you enter you’ll find the bar to your left, and a few cozy seats to the right. You can walk further down to find more tables, and a small stairs down where you can find around 20 more tables. The walls are covered with beautiful murals and there’s a lot of green in the restaurant. In general, the interior is very colorful. It’s very Instagrammable!

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Menu of the Nacho Bar Tilburg

On the menu you’ll find nachos of course! They’ve got all kinds of different ones. The classic nachos that you see pictured at the top of this page with are with tomato salsa, guacamole, sour cream and black beans. They’re nice to share. I like my nachos flavored, with cheese or BBQ herbs for example, so I thought it was a bit of a shame that these nachos were plain. And be aware that they don’t have a lot of cheese on them. So save some toppings for the bottom nachos!
Besides the classic nachos, they’ve got six other variations of nachos. Like Pulled Beef and Chicken Gyros. The classic nachos are vegetarian and the ‘veggietastic nachos’ with veggie chicken as well. And the ‘veganlicious’ nachos with pulled mushroom and vegan cheese are completely vegan!

Besides these nachos, they’ve also got all kinds of streetfood. For example small cheesy cheese burgers, falafel wraps, or bao buns. There are several vegetarian options here as well.

Desserts and cocktails at the Nacho Bar Tilburg

Pictured you see the layered Snickers cake that I had at the Nacho Bar, but unfortunately it’s not on the menu anymore. But they do have a good cheesecake on the menu.

They also have an extensive cocktail menu at the Nacho Bar. You can find some classic cocktails like a Mojito and a Pornstar Martini. But you can also find some original cocktails like ‘Flower Power’ with Bacarci Blanca, rum and strawberries. They’ve also got 4 alcohol-free mocktails like a virgin strawberry daiquiri. They’ve also got smoothies, lemonades and different kinds of gin-tonic.
Their cocktail menu makes the Nacho Bar a great place to go for drinks in the afternoon, or after (a light) dinner.

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