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The Spoorzone in Tilburg is the area right behind the central train station that has been useless for years but is now hot and happening! In the last few years all kinds of new restaurants have opened up in the Spoorzone and I can imagine that it’s difficult to keep up with them. I literally live on the other side of the train tracks and I’ve tried everything by now. On this page I’ve shared an overview of all the food spots in the Spoorzone. I’m curious to hear if you’ve been to all of them!

stoom013 tilburg
Let’s start with my favorite place for a cup of coffee in the morning: Stoom013 (Steam 013). It’s located in a train compartment next to skatepark Hall of Fame. They have delicious coffees (with several kinds of (plant based) milk), multiple fresh teas and every day a different kind of cake. All of theme are home made by the way!

De Houtloods
houtloods tilburg menu
If you’re looking for a special night out you should go to the Houtloods. The interior is different than a regular restaurant. The open kitchen is placed at the center of the restaurant. You can literally watch the chefs as you’re having dinner. I always appreciate my plate so much more when I see how much effort the chefs have put into it! And they really do put a lof of effort in each dish. The combination of flavors and textures is perfectly in tune!

De Wagon
de wagon tilburg restaurant
De Wagon is from the same owners as De Houtloods and just like Stoom013 it’s also housed in a train compartment. The unique location is a reason to visit on its own, but the food is also delicious! And what I like best is that they have their own homemade iced teas, juices and lemonades. They have a simple but tasty lunch menu and an exclusive dinner menu.

Smeer ‘m
smeer m tilburg lunch spoorzone

Smeer ‘m is a bit hidden and the first time you might need to search for the entrance. But it’s worth while! Smeer ‘m is open from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 3, so it’s perfect for lunch on your day off or to drop by to get a sandwich in your lunch break when you work in the city center. They also deliver, so if you’re lunchbreak isn’t long enough to visit Smeer ‘m, they can deliver your sandwich to your office. They have soups, salads, grilled cheese and sandwiches including this vegetarian sandwich with hummus and vegetables.

sooss tilbrug josjes daily meals
Sooss calls itself a ‘social cafe’, and rightfully so because besides a cup of coffee and a nice lunch there’s much more to do at Sooss. From yoga workshops to massages and from meditation to work-outs: you can do it all at Sooss. And they also have healthy take-out meals. Every day Jos from Josjes Daily Meals makes sure you can get a meat, fish or vegetarian meal to-go (or to stay). I had this delicious vegetarian lentil burger served with lettuce, sun dried tomatoes and smoked pepper.

raw tilburg spoorzone
RAW is one of the restaurants in the Spoorzone that is clearly visible from the train by the colored lamps and the big lit letters at the facade. Especially in summer raw looks very appealing with its benches from pallets and big fat boys. RAW is known for its beef dishes but they also have several options for vegetarians. It’s the perfect location for a quick bite or a drink with friends.

Gourmet Market Central Station

Gourmet Market Central Station is a food market with many different kitchens inside it. From Spanish to Greek, there’s something for everyone. The great thing about this food market compared to others is that you can order from your table. So you don’t have to wait in line anywhere and you can be together with your friends all the time. The drinks are also delivered at your table.

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